Chapman Auction: Video, Party Park, RSVP

Calling all Chapman students, parents, teachers, and staff!

We would love to feature you in our 2021 Auction Video!
This year’s auction theme is Looking Forward and we want to hear from you! 
What are you Looking Forward to as we move past these pandemic times?

We will be filming near the Wallace Park Playground, safely and in compliance with COVID regulations, on: Tuesday, May 4th from 11:30am-3:30pm
Sign up for a time slot HERE!

Please wear bright solid colors (no stripes), and think about what you are most Looking Forward to. 
Our goal is to hear from as many Chapman voices as possible and truly capture the uniqueness and diversity of our amazing school. 

Contact Cassie Adams-Harford for more details.


RSVP for your free ticket to the main event on May 21st and purchase party packs for your family to enjoy the night of the event HERE!

We are still looking for fabulous donations of items, service and experiences. Please donate HERE!

We are looking for businesses who would like to sponsor our auction.  Find more information and sign up HERE!

Create art with your family to sell in our auction.  Email Brandin HERE!

Chapman Turf Fundraiser

10 years ago, Hillside Soccer Club raised funds to install artificial turf at Chapman Elementary. Since then,  it has been the surface upon which our children learn, grow and play.

The surface has reached the end of its usable life, and must be replaced this summer.  Hillside Soccer Club has obtained construction permits from PPS, and must raise the remaining funds to complete the project.

Please join us in guaranteeing a durable, safe, all-weather play surface for the next 10 years of K-5 athletes!

Help us meet our goal, and re-open Chapman Elementary this fall with a new field!


Chapman Marathon and Fitness Series

Chapman PE teacher Mr. Studt is starting a Marathon and Fitness Series beginning Monday, April 26th until the end of the school year. Meet by the front of Chapman 15 minutes before hybrid start (7:45 AM or 12:15 PM) and run as many laps as you can (it’s the same course as Run For The Arts). If you can’t join for the running, there are other options to choose from–see below.

Volunteers are needed! Come help count laps, hand out/collect lap cards, and cheer the runners on. Sign up here: Volunteer Sign-up.

Read more below from Mr. Studt or HERE and reach out to Mr. Studt at

Marathon and Fitness Series

Hello All Swifts! 

This is an opportunity to complete as much fitness as possible at home or at Chapman Elementary School beginning April 26th and ending June 11th, the bulk of this being throughout the month of May. If you cannot join us for the running, no problem, there are two choices to choose from.

We will have an opportunity at Chapman for students ages Kindergarten to 5th grade to run or walk around a ⅓ mile track at Chapman (same as Run for the Arts), before both AM and PM cohorts. 

Session #1: Begins at 7:45 AM, Ends at 8:00 AM
Session#2: Begins at 12:00 PM, Ends at 12:15 PM

There will be volunteers available with runner cards and pens, so students can grab a card and get running/walking.

At the conclusion of the session, they will bring their cards back to the same table, and hand it to a volunteer, the card will be filed in the teachers tab, and kept safe until their next session. 

The students can join for one session a week, or four per week! 

Approximate Measurements:
Marathon = 26.2 miles
1 Chapman lap = ⅓ mile
79 laps = 26.2 miles – A FULL MARATHON
40 laps = 13.1 MILES – HALF MARATHON
19 laps = 10K – 6.2 MILES
9 laps = 5K – 3.1 MILES

We will all be safe and wear masks while walking/running.


CDL students, or can’t make it to the run times? NO PROBLEM! Two options for students to participate in a challenge from home that will be recognized at Roundup in June!

Option 1: 60 Minute Plank Club 
(60 minutes of combined time of Planking by the end of the school) 

You will record how many minutes of planking you complete from April 26th to June 8th and report to Mr. Studt your minutes. We will recognize students that participate at the June 9th Roundup.

Option 2: 3,500 CLUB
(3,500 jumping jacks by the end of school)

You will record how many jumping jacks you complete from April 26th to June 8th and report your numbers to Mr. Studt. We will recognize students that participate at the June 9th Roundup.



WE WILL NEED AS MANY VOLUNTEERS AS POSSIBLE for the run sessions at Chapman.

I will be there to set up and break down to begin, but will need volunteers to make this a fun time for all students and continue it throughout the week. 

Volunteer Jobs:
2-3 Volunteers – Counting Laps as the students come through.
3-4 Volunteers – On Course at each turn to direct students.
1-2 Volunteers – Bring out and distribute/Collect students cards and file them in class folders at the beginning and end of every day.  

(These can easily be parents that are dropping their kids at school)

Vests for volunteers, runner cards, cones, markers, accordion folder for AM – accordion folder for PM cohorts (each tab has teachers name)

Directions for setup:
1. Grab the basket with all the materials (inside the door at Chapman), as well as the table. 
2. Setup the  table, then walk the course with the arrow signs and cones. Place an arrow sign in the ground and large cone at every  corner. 
3. Have 1 volunteer stationed at every corner to direct kids. 
4. Have 1-2 volunteer(s) marking laps as students come through. 
5. At the end of the session, put student cards away in a specific teacher tab (accordion folder). Walk basket and table back inside. 

Please have anyone interested in volunteering email me or sign up here: Volunteer Sign-up Sheet. You can also just show up on Monday, WITH A MASK ready to volunteer. THANKS!

Ryan Studt

Chapman Auction: FREE Tickets Are Now Live

Join us the evening of May 21st @ 6PM for a FREE VIRTUAL AUCTION including Games, Videos (with some familiar faces =), Delicious Dining, Party Packs, and Fun Surprises!

RSVP before May 16th! 
List all family members who will be attending at checkout, and each will be entered to win a very special raffle prize!

RSVP today with the link below

Get your Party Packs ordered soon!

(So what’s a Party Pack?)
Well, it’s a super fun swag bag created just for our event to enjoy during the live event and beyond.

All details are listed HERE on our ticket page. 

Orders Must be Received by April 23rd

Please consider purchasing a party pack for another Chapman family and/or one of our amazing teachers!


Looking Forward to seeing all of you May 16th-21st (Online Event will be @ 6pm on the 21st )! 

Visit our Auction Page for more information.

We are still accepting Sponsorships, Donations and Art!
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