Our Spaghetti Together night was a rousing success! Last night we shared:

  • 75 pounds of Spaghetti!
  • 42 jars of pasta sauce!
  • 35 pounds of carrots!
  • 25 pounds of celery!
  • 12 cases of water!
  • 54 loaves of bread!
  • 400+ apples and a crazy amount of ooey, gooey caramel!

And endless amounts of laughter, song and good cheer. Thanks to everyone, including the more than 40 volunteers and staff who helped us to pull it all off. Our friends at Food Front, Portland Nursery, Zupans, New Seasons, Fred Meyer, Trader Joes, Kens Artisan Bakery, St. Honore Boulangerie and Lovejoy Bakers all contributed with in-kind donations.  And though we did not intend for this night to be a fundraiser, your generous contributions added more than $1600 to our Friends of Chapman bank account – more than enough to cover our costs. Now enjoy this very brief slideshow!



IMG_4044IMG_7094IMG_8419IMG_8421IMG_8422IMG_8413.jpgIMG_8412.jpgIMG_8418.jpgIMG_4035 2IMG_8426IMG_4037 2IMG_8415IMG_4036

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