Some highlights from our Dec. 5 PTA meeting:

Friends of Chapman provided approximately 40 families with holiday food baskets for Thanksgiving and the Winter break, thanks to volunteers and contributions from families and local businesses. Foundation updated us on playground contributions (including 25k from Phillips 66) and grant applications in the works.

We voted to eliminate the “couples rate” for PTA membership. Member rates going forward are simply $15 per person. This simplifies bookkeeping and lines up with the data system at Oregon PTA.  Welcome to our two newest members!

Stacy Rosoff on behalf of The Portland Association of Teachers (PAT) updated us on ongoing negotiations for a contract and invites parents to share their thoughts with the school board. More info at

We discussed issues with EA funding and staffing and need for a volunteer organizer to coordinate the Spring musical – please contact Principal Van Der Wolf if interested.

Full notes are here. 






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