UPDATE: David Mayne, PPS Bond Communications Manager and/or Erik Gerding, project director will speak at the next PTA meeting (Tuesday, Jan 9 in the library). They’d love to hear from Chapman parents and answer any questions you may have about the rebuild. 

Seeking Community Engagement

 Following passage of the 2017 bond, PPS is moving forward with planning, design and construction of a new Lincoln High School. The master plan calls for Lincoln to be rebuilt as a multi-story structure on the west side of the current campus. PPS is seeking public input on how the new Lincoln should be designed and is looking for volunteers to join the Lincoln Design Advisory Group (DAG).1200px-Lincoln_High_School_-_Portland_Oregon

Join the Lincoln Design Advisory Group (DAG)

The Lincoln Design Advisory Group will include parents, teachers, students, alumni and community representatives who will be involved in developing the design of the new Lincoln High School. The group will include at least one member representing each of the following: high school parents, neighborhood parents, feeder school parents, neighborhood associations, business associations, school programs, potential site and/or capital partners, students, teachers and a school board representative.

The Design Advisory Group Mission

The goal of the DAG is to develop a comprehensive, equitable, integrated and visionary high school campus design with authentic school community engagement. Members will be expected to serve for several months throughout the planning process.

Lincoln Project Details

During the construction process students will remain in the current building while construction of the new Lincoln will take place on the athletic fields at the west end of campus. When completed students will move to the new building and the original Lincoln building will be torn down and replaced by the new athletic fields. Construction is slated to begin in 2020.

Get Involved and Stay Informed

To join the Lincoln Design Advisory Group, use the online application here: http://LincolnBond.pps.net  If you are unable to join the DAG, you will still have an opportunity to make your voice heard at an upcoming Lincoln Public Design Workshop. For more information and the latest updates visit the project website: http://LincolnBond.pps.net. Join the Lincoln project mailing list at LincolnBond@pps.net.

David S. Mayne

Bond Communications Manager

Portland Public Schools


(503) 916-3009

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