Screen Shot 2018-03-15 at 4.44.54 PMPamela Van Der Wolf will be at tomorrow’s PTA coffee in Room 6 at Main campus to answer questions on staffing and district budget process.  Below is a list of answers she has prepared for the most common questions she has received. The district has also prepared a Powerpoint presentation on its new staffing model, which you can review here. 

Q: Why are we losing the AP at our main campus?

A: The current enrollment numbers needed to  receive an AP is 550. With both campuses combined, we are currently less than that, and we are projected to be at 522 next year, still quite below.

Q: Would we be able to increase our staffing if kindergartners moved to the main campus?

A: Actually, our staffing would decrease. We would lose both AP positions, as well as all of our kindergarten EAs. While this is not a reason to keep our kindergarten program at the Ramona, this is a rumor that has been circulating that I want to make sure is cleared up.

Q: Then why are we keeping our kinders at the Ramona? Don’t we have enough space at the main campus?

A: I don’t know all of the factors that were considered when the powers that be made this decision, but I do know that one of them is that the district has projections that show our enrollment going up again within a couple of years. I will continue to communicate the needs of Chapman with my senior director and assistant superintendent and they will then communicate that to the district’s space utilization committee.

Q: The student numbers for classrooms seem unusually large at Chapman. Is this happening elsewhere?

A: The caps are the same for every elementary school in PPS, and many other schools are experiencing large classroom sizes similar to ours. Caps on class sizes, however, are not static, and often change from year to year.

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