Here’s a brief description of what the site council is all about from Principal Van Der Wolf Please contact her if you are interested and can meet once a month with staff at 2:30 p.m.

What is Site Council?

Site Council is a team made of an equal number of parents and teachers, a classified representative (these are our EAs and secretaries), and the principal.

We look specifically at our school improvement plan and come up with ideas to help implement it.

Last year, the main component of our school improvement plan was creating a positive school climate for students and stronger communication with families. The Site Council pushed for the Chimney Flyer, our school newsletter, to come out once a month in a paper format as a way to improve communication. It also reviewed the social-emotional learning curriculum, Caring School Communities, and made a presentation to staff in support of Chapman adopting it for the year.

We meet right after school at 2:30 once a month.  

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