We want to give you an update on Chapman Learning Pods, an initiative that Anna Truxes and Helen Shum have started as a parent and community-led organizing effort to support families and students through distance learning. 

You may have heard about microschools or learning pods in the media or even considered joining one yourself. It is important to know that this project is NOT an effort to simply match parents with one another to form private pods, hire teachers, or start homeschools. Our vision is to organize support in a more inclusive and equitable way. We are working with staff at Friendly House, parents of gap year graduates from Lincoln High School, school administration and staff, the PTA, and community volunteers to pool our financial and volunteer resources for the benefit of all kids at Chapman.

To help and keep up with the latest:

1) Make sure that you are in the Chapman Family Directory and subscribe to the Chapman Parent Mailing List. The school cannot share parent email addresses with us due to privacy laws and we want to reduce the communication burden on teachers. 

2) If you are on social media, there is a Facebook group called “Chapman Learning Pods”. We will also post regular updates via the Chimney Flyer. 

3) We need parent volunteers to help organize classrooms into groups of 10 (maximum). The more volunteers in each classroom, the smaller our “pods” can be. 

We have begun a list of those we think can serve in this role. See our spreadsheet here. If you see your name listed and DO NOT want to be in this role, please take your name off. If you are able to serve, please add your name! We have some classrooms with many parents identified and others which have no parents yet. 

Right now, the only requirement for parent leads is to be responsive to email, willing to work with fellow parents in your class, and able to help communicate to classroom families. We will also be asking you to add or suggest questions for an upcoming all-family survey. 

We hope that with a robust volunteer base, we can begin organizing outdoor recess and enrichment opportunities soon. We are open to hearing from others about the needs they have and the resources they are interested in contributing.

Thanks everyone!

Anna & Helen

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