We Have Two Events on October 7th to Help Celebrate

BIKE TRAIN: 7:20 AM – 7:45 AM

Join the longest and biggest Chapman Bike train in history on Thursday October 7th to celebrate International Bike to School Day.

What is a bike train?  It is a group of students, parents and teachers that all bike or roll their way to school together. And this year, we have worked hard to put together a bike train route that covers as much of the Chapman area as possible, goes over the brand new Ned Flanders Pedestrian Bridge (photo to be taken there),  all the while not being so long that the students are exhausted at the end 🙂 With one big train, we are hoping to have a huge presence in the streets of NW Portland.

Can we get 30 students to ride together!  Or more!

If you are up for biking or rolling, check out the map below, find a stop that is close to where you live, or just wait along the route until we come through. Or, if you don’t live close to the route, think about parking close to the train route and joining in. A great place to join is the new Ned Flanders Bridge. With the bike train, we hope to promote active commuting for the students, teach them bike safety, and get them awake and ready for school.

A few items to note:

  • Helmets and face masks are required
  • Each student should have a responsible adult riding along. We ask that we try to have a 1 to 4 adult to student ratio to help with train safety.
  • Bring a bike lock if you plan to keep your kid’s bike at school that day. If you don’t have a lock, we will also have a long cable lock for multiple bikes and will unlock them when school is out (at 2:15 pm).

BIKE CARNIVAL: 2:15 – 3:15 PM

This is our 4th year of having an after school Bike Carnival. Join us on the lawn at the front of Chapman from 2:15 to 3:15 pm on October 7th. We will have items to decorate your bike and helmets, reflective tape to add some safety to your gear, and a few fun bike games and bike safety activities. And we are hoping to get a bike mechanic to do safety checks on all of the student and teacher bikes.

Have questions?  Feel free to email Annie at anniedusher@gmail.com.

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