As the rainy season comes, we want to remind families on where to drop off and park safely close to school.

Chapman does not have a dedicated parking lot for families arriving by car. However, there are streets where you can safely park and/or drop-off. See the map below. 

Please make sure to keep crosswalks and intersections clear so pedestrians can safely cross and remain visible. 

Volunteers Needed – The safety at the intersection of 26th & Pettygrove is a concern. Mr. Studt is working on getting 5th grade safety patrol out in the morning, but until that time we can put cones up to block the unsafe parking in and directly in front of the intersection. PARENT NEEDED: Put up cones at 7:45 am. Cones will be set out at the front door of the school and a parent is needed to put them out. Contact Molly Porter if you can help.

Drop-off Lane Etiquette

The car drop-off/pick up lane is located on NW Pettygrove and extends down about half a block to the fire hydrant. When using the drop-off lane, please observe the following guidelines in order to keep traffic flowing and everyone safe:

  • Drive slowly and keep an eye out for pedestrians. Children may not move predictably around cars and are often out of your line of sight.
  • Drivers must stay at the wheel. If you need to help your child get out (i.e. need extra time to unload large school projects, etc.), please park away from the lane.
  • After you have dropped your child off, please promptly exit the lane. This is a courtesy to parents who are waiting behind you and helps prevent safety issues caused a back up of cars.
  • If you are picking a child up and cannot stay at the wheel, please park away from the lane and pick your child up from their designated dismissal area.

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