Hi everyone,

Hope you’re enjoying the last day of summer!

I have been the PTA Communications Chair for the past three years and it’s time to pass the pen onto the next person! It’s an important, interesting, and flexible role that I know others would enjoy as much as I have.

The role of PTA Communications Chair is to provide communications to connect the Chapman community. The two main ways of communication are through the newsletter known as the Chimney Flyer and the Friends of Chapman website (yes, we have a website! www.friendsofchapman.org). In addition to those two avenues, content may be passed directly through the school (from the administration and/or teachers), room parent emails, and posts on the Friends of Chapman Facebook page. Face to face communication is powerful as well! Still, most of the work can be done from your computer and on your own schedule, and no pre-technical skills are required (the tools are simple to learn). If you appreciate clear, current, and consistent communication and like to dabble in newsletters or graphic design (though certainly not required!), you’ll find this role fun and fulfilling.

It is certainly possible to divide the role into multiple parts, if there are multiple folks interested or if you want to lighten the load. For instance, someone could take on the Chimney Flyer while someone else manages the website, and there can be a separate group of admins for the Facebook page. I certainly have had lots of help from the PTA and Chapman community!

You can find examples of the Chimney Flyer archived on the website: https://friendsofchapman.org/chimney-flyer/

I have put together a passdown and would be happy to help as you navigate and learn the ropes. If you are curious, please reach out to me at chapmanptacomm@gmail.com.


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