Dining for Dollars is a great program where Chapman partners with local restaurants with a goal to boost business for the restaurant by sending the Chapman Community to dine on a specific day, and in return, Chapman will receive a predetermined percentage of the revenue from the day.  Plus it gives Chapman families a chance to meet new families and reconnect with those they haven’t seen for a while.

Join us at Breakside Brewery on Sunday, February 5th (anytime from noon – 9pm) for our first Dining for Dollar$ event of 2023. Breakside Brewery has set up their dining for dollars program differently than the past restaurants that we have partnered with. They will take their normal Sunday earnings and will donate all proceeds that exceed that amount. This means we have an opportunity to make more than our typical 15% if we spread the word and show up in droves!  And the good news is, Breakside Brewery has a lot of space.  So if you are needing to plan a group or family outing, maybe a mid season basketball party, or want to meet other Chapman families, get this Dining for Dollar$ on your calendar.

NEXT UP: Dining for Dollars at the Hostel Cafe on Tuesday February 28th, with special musical guest: Mr Melling!

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