Picture Day Retakes are now rescheduled for Tues. Nov. 13. All grades.

From the office: If you’d like to have your child’s picture retaken, please bring back the original pictures.

If you are new or missed the original date, you can pick up an order form in the office. Pre-orders for picture packages may be placed online now at

https://ios.mydorian.com using your school’s access key provided here: 3NEBLD9W.

Online orders using your school’s access key are available up to 4 days after retake day. If you order online, please print the receipt and send it with your child’s order form.

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Introducing your 2018-19 PTA and Foundation Board

Elections for the PTA board were held at the last general membership meeting of the school year on May 1.  Please welcome:

Morgan Nystrom, President 

Ursula Lalovic, Secretary 

Devin Lorain, Treasurer 

Cari Schwerd, Ramona Representative

Board members continuing next year are:

Natalie Maciukenas, Membership Chair 

Molly Porter and Brenda Olbeter, Family Engagement Coordinators

Helen Shum, Communications Chair

2018-19 Foundation Officers remain as follows:

Nici Griffith, Chair

Monica Geller, Vice chair

Anna Dvortcsak, Treasurer

Veery Harper, Auction Chair

Kelly Farrell, Dining for Dollar$ Coordinator

Trish Murley, Grant Writing Coordinator

Hats off to our outgoing officers: Secretary, Alison Church; Treasurer, Dania Cook; Ramona Representatives, Nicole Mather and Lorien Steele, President, Christy Marten and auction co-chair Sarah Groom! These six women have given many, many collective hours of service to our students and families and our school community is better for it! In addition, we must extend a special thank you to Anne Williams for serving as the PTA teacher representative for the past two years!

Vacant PTA board positions for 2018-19 are:




Please contact Morgan Nystrom if you are interested in (or have someone to suggest!) for any of the above vacant positions or have questions, comments or ideas for improving the work of Friends of Chapman.  More information is here.








Head Start openings are available for 2018-19 school year.

FREE PRESCHOOL for low-income families! Neighborhood House Head Start has a classroom for ages 3-5 years at Friendly House on NW 26thAve. We provide high-quality preschool and family support. We have open slots for the 2018-2019 school year! We also have a Home Visiting program for children 0-3 years old. Please call 503-246-1663, extension 7307 or email lavakyan@nhpdx.org. Share this post to spread the word to families with young children.

Flyer snip




NW Examiner Community Awards to honor Sam Blackman

Screen Shot 2018-05-01 at 8.42.40 PMThe NW Examiner Community Awards are coming up this Saturday, May 5, 6 p.m., at PNCA, Northwest 8th and Glisan.

Among the 11 winners this year is our very own, Sam Blackman. Nominated by the PTA for his many, many contributions to our school and neighborhood, Sam will be receiving the lifetime achievement award.

All are welcome at the event. More information available at nwexaminer.com


PPS provides updated chart with staffing breakdown by school

A message from Deputy Superintendent Dr. Yvonne Curtis on 2018-19 staffing levels at Portland Public Schools

For a school by school breakdown of staffing levels, see the attached chart:

2018-19 staffing

Portland Public Schools is in the process of allocating teaching staff at schools throughout the district. As has been true for many years, we are working within a budget that has been chronically underfunded by the state, and we are doing our utmost to make the most of the resources we have. Understandably, parents, students and PPS staff want to know what will happen at their specific schools. While precise allocations won’t be known until enrollment figures become clear in the fall, we can share what we know at this point, and answer many of the questions we have heard to date.

Under the leadership of Superintendent Guadalupe Guerrero and myself, the district has established a new method for determining how schools are staffed by teachers. We believe change is needed for a number of reasons, including inconsistent course offerings in middle grades and high schools; inconsistent rationale for how teachers are allocated among schools and a lack of clarity on the use of racial equity funding — money set aside to improve outcomes for historically underserved students. This new staffing model addresses those concerns and is based on a set of goals:

  • Ensure schools have adequate staffing to maintain reasonable class sizes.
  • Support the district’s equity goals.
  • Provide baseline academic program offerings at every school.
  • Provide greater stability over time.

Using these goals as guideposts, the district is making a considerable investment in adding teaching staff and allocating full time equivalent positions (FTE) in a way that will have a positive impact during the next school year, particularly in schools that have been historically under-enrolled.

As is the case each year, some schools will see a drop in teaching staff, while others will see an increase. These changes are due to a variety of factors, including projected enrollment, refocused use of equity funding and changes in course programming. This year, as PPS opens two new middle schools, converts eight K-8 schools to K-5 elementary schools, and converts a K-5 elementary school to a full Spanish immersion school, the changes are more pronounced.

To help better understand changes in staffing, here are some commonly asked questions and answers.

Q: What is the new staffing model intended to do?

A: Ensure each school – especially small schools – has an adequate number of teachers; ensure instruction for core programming and state PE and Health requirements; ensure equity funds are put to best and highest use.

Q: How will the new staffing model improve student outcomes?

A: By keeping class sizes reasonable, providing a baseline of academic programing K-12, and ensuring that equity allocations are targeted appropriately, the district will offer students a more consistent educational experience across schools and improve the academic experience of historically underserved students.

Q: How is equity funding being allocated in 2018-19?

A: To receive equity funding, principals need to justify through a data-driven process that the funding will benefit historically underserved or marginalized students. It will be targeted at schools with 15 percent or more economically disadvantaged students, or 40 percent or more historically underserved. Previously, equity funding use has been inconsistent in how it was targeted to support underserved students.

Q: What are some specific changes to the way FTEs are allocated?

A: In elementary, middle and K-8 schools, staff will be allocated based on the number of classes required by grade level or subject based on the projected enrollment in those grade levels. Previously, the FTE allocation was allocated on a ratio of projected enrollment for the entire school. This change will ensure that each grade level has the necessary number of teachers. High school FTE allocation will continue to be based on a ratio, but all high schools will start with a minimum base number of FTE, to ensure adequate staffing at under-enrolled and small schools and ensure students receive instruction in core academic and state-mandated courses.

Q: Is the district adding or cutting teachers?

A: The district has added 22 classroom teachers (FTE) compared with the current year. The district has budgeted for additional staffing, which would be allocated as needed in the fall once final enrollments are known at each school. In addition, school communities are also investing allocated Equity Funds, Foundation funds, and other sources of revenue to support identified priorities, including additional staffing. These supplemental funds are resulting in dozens more staff positions at particular schools.

Q: How will those additional allocations be decided?

A: The district will apply a two-part test. The teachers will go to schools that need the most significant help in keeping classes at a reasonable size AND to schools that have most pressing equity needs. The district has also prioritized the allocation of additional full-time classroom teachers to better ensure equitable programming in underenrolled neighborhood strands.

Q: If the district is adding FTE, why are some teachers being unassigned?

A: Each year, a small percentage of teachers are unassigned from their current position. This is based primarily on seniority and the individual teacher’s endorsement. Unassigned teachers have the opportunity to apply for other jobs within the district and most are re-assigned. In preparation for the 2018-19 school year, about 150 teachers have been unassigned – about average for the district. However, the district is posting 300 open positions, which unassigned teachers may apply for.


Bond shortfall may impact Lincoln redesign. Parent group meeting is on 4/19

Sharing the following email from two parents who are involved in the Lincoln Redesign:

As you are aware, last week we learned that there is a major budget shortfall in the 2017 bond. The Board will be holding work sessions in the coming weeks to determine how to deal with this shortfall and is planning to make a recommendation to the PPS Office of School Modernization (OSM) and DAGs on May 11th. If we want to maintain the scope and schedule for the Lincoln rebuild, it’s time to engage. We’re sending this email to invite you to a planning session. We’ll meet on Thursday 4/19 from 7 pm to 8:30 pm at the NW Lucky Lab (1945 NW Quimby Street).

Here’s a summary of the information we have on the budget shortfall:

– In total, the shortfall on the 2017 bond is currently estimated to be between $89 million and $136 million. (see attached photo of the 2017 bond table – this was a handout from the PPS CFO at the 4/10 Board work session). Add $10 million to both of these, since the Board voted on 4/10 to put the current $10 million shortfall for middle school implementation on the 2017 bond.

– The “Local School Reconciliation” scenario for Lincoln reduces the student enrollment capacity by 8%.
What exactly needs to happen in the next three weeks? We’ll discuss at our planning session, but major tasks are to:

1) Solidify our goals and messaging

2) Attend Board work sessions

3) Testify at Board meetings

4) Meet with Board members

5) Write emails to Board members and encourage many others to do the same

If you can’t attend a meeting this week but are interested in staying updated on these efforts, please respond to this email (naomi_tsurumi@yahoo.com) and we’ll keep you updated.


Naomi and Mary

Salt and Straw announces student inventor lineup!

Screen Shot 2018-04-10 at 9.39.00 AMCongratulations to Luca in Ms. Johnson’s class and to all the student inventors who participated the Salt and Straw student inventor challenge this year!

Chapman’s winning entry is The Great British Rhubarb Ginger Crumble :

Rhubarb, Vanilla bean, Ginger biscuit crumble ice cream, Orange zest. Rhubarb crumble, one of my favorite puddings. The rhubarb tastes like a warm summers day with fruity, juicy, sweet lime. The crumble is a chrunch ginger biscuit. (one zesty orange).It has stripes of rhubarb and a crunchy ginger cookie in the middle. It’s soft and crunchy. An ice cream inspired by where I was born.”

A portion of proceeds from the all the student inventor flavors are donated back to Chapman and other public schools, so that means you can do good AND eat ice cream at the same time! Rhubarb not your thing? Here is the full lineup!