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How do I enroll my child?

Follow these steps on the PPS page: To enroll for kindergarten, you can go here:

Note: Enrolling early helps project class sizes and make staffing decisions that are typically done earlier in the year, before the start of the school year.

When will I find out teacher assignments?

The main office reopens on August 15 and teacher assignments for grades 1 – 5 will be sent in an email in the following weeks after. For grades K, teacher assignments will be solidified after teacher conferences during the first week of school. There is usually an Ice Cream Social before the first day of school to meet the teachers.

Where can I find school supply lists?

The school supply list is posted on the PPS Chapman website,, under Our School –> School Supply Lists. Note: this list isn’t usually updated until closer to the first day of school and often teachers send out communication about school supplies (as the district/grants sometimes pays for supplies).

Where do I drop off my child?

[2022-23 Update] Students will be meeting their teachers outside. We are using the same map as last year. These spots will also be where teachers will bring them out at the end of the day if they are being picked up. Arrival/Dismissal Map. Students will have an opportunity to pick up breakfast on their way into the classroom with their teacher. We are offering free breakfast and lunch for all students this year.

How do I find out about buses?

Start with the district’s Student Transportation page. From there, you’ll find the bus schedule and whether you are eligible on the General Transportation Stop and Route Data page. If you are more than a mile from Chapman, you should be eligible to ride the bus. If you need additional help, ask the school secretary.

What are the parking and drop-off lane rules?

PARKING GUIDANCE Chapman does not have a dedicated parking lot for families arriving by car.  Close street parking is fairly easy to find if you arrive before 7:45 a.m./2:00 p.m. and gets increasingly difficult every minute after that. The bus lane takes up all parking spaces on NW Raleigh along the north side of school. Parking availability may be subject to outside factors like the number of visitors at Wallace Park on a beautiful day. A few times a year, street cleaning, leaf removal or TV /film crews will affect parking availability. You will usually receive advance notice of those events from the office.

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DROP-OFF LANE ETIQUETTE  The car drop-off/pick up lane is located on NW Pettygrove and extends down about half a block to the fire hydrant. When using the drop-off lane, please observe the following guidelines in order to keep traffic flowing and everyone safe:

  • There is no staff escort from the drop-off lane. (Kindergarten parents should park away from the drop-off lane and escort your student into the building.)
  • Drive slowly and keep an eye out for pedestrians. Children might not move predictably around cars and are often out of your line of sight.
  • Drivers must stay at the wheel. If you need to help your child get out, or need extra time to unload large school projects, etc, please park away from the lane.
  • After you have dropped your child off, please promptly exit the lane. This is a courtesy to parents who are waiting behind you and helps prevent safety issues caused by a back up of cars.
  • If you are picking a child up and cannot stay at the wheel, please park away from the lane and pick your child up from their designated dismissal area.

How do I add money to my child’s lunch account?

[2022-23 UPDATE] As of 2022-23 school year, Chapman is a Title 1 school and all students will receive free breakfast and lunch. See more here:

School lunch menu can be found on the PPS site:

How do I pay for field trips, other misc. payments?

Please wait until communication from your teacher or the school on school payments as it varies each year.

PPS uses for field trip, and other misc. payments. You will need to set up an account using your student’s ID number. You can also bring money or a check to your student’s teacher. .

Where can I find a list of Teachers and Support Staff at Chapman?

A complete Staff List can be found on Chapman’s district website, under Teachers and Staff.

What is Round Up, should I attend, and how long does it last?

Round Up is a time when our students come together as a group and share music, skits, and information. 

When: New this year, Round Up will be held once a month on a Friday morning at 8:00 am

Where: Auditorium (the first Round Up of the school year is traditionally held on the turf, weather permitting). This year, Parents are only allowed to sit in the upstairs balcony for Round Up.

Where do I find my student’s ID number and what is this number used for?

Each student’s ID number is on the paperwork that is sent home at the beginning of the school year. If you didn’t record it you can always call the office and they can look up your child’s number. Student ID numbers are attached to lunch accounts as well as payments for field trips and school supplies. Your child will use this number throughout their PPS school career.

What is the best way to get information about what’s going on at school?

There is a lot of information to keep up with at Chapman and more than a few ways to receive it. Besides the emails from your teacher and Chimney Flyer E-Newsletter from the school, there are a number of info channels that the school and PTA operate independently of one another. 

The PTA runs these sites:

Website: You can sign up for blog updates by adding your email to the sidebar to the right of the page. This page offers a wealth of resources for the Chapman community, including a school-specific calendar, aftercare and enrichment class listings, a password-protected family directory, and comprehensive listing of volunteer opportunities. 


This private group offers the liveliest and most current discussion of Chapman issues and events. A great place to ask for recommendations and get questions answered by other parents!

Twitter:  – Helpful if you don’t follow the blog or are not on Facebook.

The school administers the following social media channels:

Facebook – PPS Chapman Elementary

Twitter – @PPSChapman

Instagram – @ChapmanSwifts

It’s also important to know that your fellow parents are very helpful, so reaching out in-person on the playground, at pick up, or by volunteering are all great ways to keep up on the latest.

Where is the school calendar?

The PPS District calendar is posted here. If you’d like the add the district calendar or aren’t sure how to sync a calendar here is the district link and instructions.

Chapman PTA also maintains a calendar specific to Chapman, which includes the PPS Calendar above. You can find it on this site here and you can add to your Google calendar to view. Follow the Google instructions here to add to your calendar.

Where do I find out about aftercare and enrichment options?

Please see our After Care and Enrichment page.

How do I connect with other parents?

Attend community events such as Back to School Open House, Swift Watch on weekend evenings in September, STEM Night, Art Ball, Auction, and others.

  • If you are able, stay after school. There is a vibrant after school park community of parents.
  • Join the Friends of Chapman Facebook page. A lot of information is shared on this page.
  • Volunteer. Teachers will let you know about classroom-specific opportunities and most of the school-wide volunteer opportunities are here.

What is the daily schedule like?

The schedule for each teacher varies. Back to School Open House is a great opportunity for learning the daily schedule. If you miss this event, your classroom teacher can provide a daily schedule. 

How does snack work?

Each teacher manages their snack needs differently, but they all rely on parents to bring communally shared snacks. If your child has an allergy be sure to share that with the teacher so that snacks can be purchased accordingly.

How much time do kids get for lunch? Are there lunch assistants?

Students are given 20 minutes for lunch. There are multiple school staff in the cafeteria. Parent volunteers are always welcome and appreciated.

What is the difference between an Educational Assistant (EA) and a Para-educator (Para)? And are any of these people in my child’s classroom?

Educational Assistants (EA) are staff members that provide support to certified teachers; leading reading groups, assisting students with classwork, recess supervision, lunch supervision, and much more. EAs are typically funded by Friends of Chapman (funds raised by Chapman).

Para-educators are hired to work specifically with one or two students that need extra support. While they often provide support to the teacher, their main focus is the student that they work with. Para-Educators are funded by PPS.

How are students dismissed after school?

Every student should have their after school plan recorded with their classroom teacher. Classroom teachers will release students according to the designated plan.

How do I sign my student out early?

Any student leaving early must be signed out in the office by 2:00 PM. Check in with the office staff and they will call your student to the office.

Who do I call if my student is going to be absent?

Attendance: 503-916-3619.

When is the auction and should I attend?

In the past, Chapman has organized auctions as the biggest fundraiser for the school year that would then support education programs and additional staffing needs. More recently, Chapman has been looking at more inclusive community-focused activities (like the Spring Art Festival in 2022).

Stay tuned for more communication on how to raise funds for Chapman.

What is STEM Night?

STEM night is an open house event organized by a team of parents and teachers. Chapman’s main campus transforms into a STEM wonderland with activities and projects for all grade levels representing different science and math fields. All students and their family members are encouraged to attend and participate.

What is Art Ball?

Art Ball is an open house event where the main campus is transformed into an art gallery featuring our students artwork. There are also art activities throughout the building and a talent show showcases our students’ performing talents. All grades will have featured artwork at the main campus.