Chapman Play & Learning Pods is parent and community-led effort to support families and students through distance learning. The goal is to organize classroom-based small groups for play, learning and enrichment. This project will only be successful with the help and support of the parents, school, and community. Chapman parents Helen Shum and Anna Truxes are leading this effort – any questions, please send to

Our Vision for Equitable Learning Pods

You may have heard about microschools or learning pods in the media or even considered joining one yourself. It is important to know that this project is NOT an effort to simply match parents with one another to form private pods, hire teachers, or start homeschools. Our vision is to organize support in a more inclusive and equitable way.

It is also important to know that this initiative, and opinions expressed on this webpage, belong to Helen Shum and Anna Truxes, and do not reflect the view of the school or Chapman PTA. The school nor the Chapman PTA is not involved in this endeavor. Individual groups participating in this initiative are assuming personal risk.

To Get Involved in the Chapman Play & Learning Pods

1. Respond to the Survey –  We need everyone to complete this survey to understand everyone’s needs in order to shape and start forming the pods. Even if you are NOT interested in this effort, we still ask that you simply answer the first two questions, so we can take you out of future classroom-level communications about this project.

If you want to volunteer, please fill out the survey. You can answer in what capacity you’re interested in volunteering. We need volunteers to help organize classrooms into the smaller “pods” and lead the pods. You can be behind the scenes and coordinate, you can volunteer virtually, or you can lead an outside pod activity. The more volunteers in each classroom, the smaller our “pods” can be. Several classes need more parent helpers.

2. Sign up to be in the Chapman School Family Directory. The directory is opt-in and families need to sign up, including returning families to Chapman. The school cannot share parent email addresses and this is the best way to connect parents and reduce the communication burden on the teachers. We will use the directory as a way to communicate information about the Chapman Play & Learning Pods.

Next Steps


Questions? Contact Helen Shum and Anna Truxes at